About Burt • Ladner Real Estate

Burt Ladner Real Estate is a woman-owned brokerage that prides itself as being plugged-in and connected, being in-the-know of all things real estate and all things Fort Worth. A distinctive locally owned agency, it takes pride in delivering exceptional service, going  to great lengths to make sure that its agents are experts in their field and have access to everything cutting-edge so they can best serve their clients. The agents’ personalized approach, combined with experience matched with professionalism, is only exceeded by the desire to create an ideal and specialized atmosphere for buying and selling properties  for clients. It is their belief that when you are making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, you want someone to have your best interest at heart, and that is what Burt Ladner Real Estate does — puts you first.

What does your
Burt • Ladner Agent do?
    • Suggest and advise any changes that could be made to your property to make it more marketable.

    • Oversee the marketing and negotiations process from listing to closing.

    • Follow up with showing agents for feedback.

    • Pre-qualify prospective buyers.

    • Present and explain offers as they are received.

    • Suggest pricing, negotiating strategies to maximize sale price and most favorable terms.

    • Assist with closing coordination and attend closing.

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