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Private School Fort Worth







Student/Teacher Ratio


Why FWA?

We empower young people…

to think critically, lead with empathy, and collaborate effectively, to become the innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow. We cultivate our students to become self-aware, self-driven, courageous, confident, and creative Trailblazers.
Innovation, curiosity, and creativity are key components of continual growth. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them which is developed through opportunities to question and challenge the status quo. Our innovative approach empowers children to be courageous and develop their own solutions to the problems and challenges they uncover.
Excellence is achieved when growth opportunities are met with resilience and grit. High expectations within an environment of integrity and respect inspire children to achieve their personal best. Learning from mistakes and embracing challenges cultivates an environment of excellence.
Collaboration is the ability to work together, share ideas, communicate effectively, and respect differences. Inclusivity and empathy form the foundation of a collaborative environment. The best outcomes are driven by diversity of opinions, talents, and ideas.

Listings from within the school’s zip code as well as the closest, surrounding zip codes are included in the listing results here. 

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