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Malorie Nielsen




With a career in marketing, years of customer service experience, and a love for houses, Real Estate easily became the perfect fit for Malorie. Malorie treats every transaction and client very seriously with a personable approach. She strives to please and never let a client feel out of the loop for one second. The beginning of her real estate career was full of first-time home buyers and she realized very quickly that the service and knowledge her clients needed in order to feel comfortable was what the standard should be for every client relationship going forward and has kept true to this principle.

Why Work With a Burt • Ladner Agent?

Your Burt • Ladner agent will…
  • Suggest and advise any changes that could be made to your property to make it more marketable.

  • Oversee the marketing and negotiations process from listing to closing.

  • Follow up with showing agents for feedback.

  • Pre-qualify prospective buyers.

  • Present and explain offers as they are received.

  • Suggest pricing, negotiating strategies to maximize sale price and most favorable terms.

  • Assist with closing coordination and attend closing.

Complete Listing Exposure

Impactful, consistent services and marketing set us apart from other companies. The following services are available when you partner with a Burt • Ladner agent:

  • Property Photography & Graphics
  • Property Video Production & Posting
  • Aerial Video Production & Posting for large properties
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Commercial Property Services
  • MLS and Exclusive Listings
  • Contract & Inspection Coordination
  • One-on-One commitment all the way to closing